Title of the action: (Working title) It is moving on, It is vanishing

This is a performative act happening in public space, the shopping street in Ede centrum. I will use a bucket of water and one big brush to write/draw things on the ground while walking through the whole shopping street. The water on the ground will slowly evaporate and disappear, the public can choose to follow my action by walking with me, or just look at part of the written texts/drawings and walk away. The content of the writings/drawings still needs to be developed, but it will be for sure related to “Time”, “Spring”, “Life”.

Why I want to make this action:

I am always interested in topics about “Time”. The pop-up festival will take place in May which is during the spring time. I want to make a performative work to reflect on not only “time” but also on this seasonal change. Finally we can all go outside on the street after the cold and gray winter, enjoy the sun which make us tanned, sweat and feeling dried out.

Foto: Ilka van Wieren


foto: Jos Kuklewski

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